To Make Him Known

Lives changed, Stories told

About To Make Him Known

To Make Him is videos of real people sharing real life stories about how Jesus has impacted their lives. These stories are meant to explain how ordinary, untrained, individuals have seen a Holy God change their individual lives and families. The sole purpose of To Make Him is to glorify the person of Jesus Christ and through these stories Make Him Known to others.

The Latest Story

Take a few moments to watch the latest story of a real life that has been changed through Jesus Christ. Be sure to check back often to hear the newest story being told.

Lives Changed

stories told

Making him known

What's the Purpose

The purpose of To Make Him is to share the stories of how real individuals have experienced their lives changed when they allowed God to break through in life’s circumstances and situations. We seek to make known to every person the God of the universe.

The Life Changing Stories

So God taught me a lesson.

He taught me what love really is. He showed us if you hold on to your faith and you just dip it in His love, the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

-Jeff, Weathering the Storm

There is not enough time in this life’s journey...

to ever praise enough, or worship enough, or work enough in order to repay God for all that He has done for me.

-Pat, What a Day That Will Be

The result of my self-will...

had me in places I don’t wish my worst enemy would ever go to.

–Josh, Out of the Darkest Places

I just know you can’t do it alone,

but I tried to and it only made it worse. Purse God.

–Hannah, You Can’t Do It Alone

I thought I could do it on my own.

That was a mistake, a big one.

–Mike, Living With Christ is Amazing

Even in the midst of running away from the Lord,

He still pursued me in that very real moment.

––Whitney, Unconditional Love

It just became evident to me that I couldn’t do anything on my own.

I couldn’t do anything with my plans … that I had to seek God in everything that I did.

–Tara, Seek God in Everything